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What To Consider When Buying A Shower

When we ask our customers wanting new bathrooms across Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas what the most important feature of a great bathroom is for them, most will select the shower.

Whether it’s over the bath, a shower cubicle with a tray, or a classy glassed walk-in shower we all appreciate a shower that’s strong, steady and even-temperatured. For most of us the way a shower performs is as important as how it looks.

Shower performance is all about choosing the right shower components to suit the plumbing and water system in your home, so when choosing shower fixtures and fittings there are some important things to consider if you want to make sure of a constant substantial soaking rather than an intermittent sluggish sprinkle.

The Effect of Water Pressure on a Shower

For a shower to work properly, delivering a full-on spray, it needs to be connected to a high-pressure water source. It’s a good idea to have an expert check the water flow pressure of your property before you decide on what type of shower to install. You may even need a booster pump to add to your water system (especially if you want a power shower) or use another solution such as a special low pressure shower head to ensure your shower valve or mixer gives you a good pressurised flow to the shower head.

Traditional British gravity fed water systems are connected to a cold water storage tank in the loft and can cause problems for water pressure. Here at Port Marine Bathrooms our experts are used to solving this problem so it shouldn’t stand in the way of your choice of shower fittings.

Different Water Systems Suit Different Shower Types

The way water is heated in your house has an impact on the type of shower that can be used in the property. 

Electric showers, however, can be used with any domestic water system because they are connected to the mains cold water and water is heated within the unit itself. 

Most modern homes have a Combi Boiler System which heats pressurised cold water continuously on demand. This works fine for a standard-sized showerhead as long as the boiler is powerful enough to generate a flow of hot water at a minimum of 12-15 litres a minute – if the head is larger the pressure needs to be greater. The best type of shower for a Combi Boiler is a thermostatic shower mixer valve which keeps the temperature and flow even.

Choosing a Shower Head

There are thousands of varieties and different makes of shower heads on the market and choosing one can be confusing without some guidance from those in the know. 

First whittle it down by deciding whether you need a hand-held shower head, a high-pressure shower head, adjustable shower head or rainfall shower head, and whether it needs to be round, square, fixed or re-positionable. Then you can move on to the style and material. 

It’s not easy to make up your mind, but it helps to visit a bathroom showroom like the one Port Marine has at Kestral Court on Harbour Road, Bristol, where you can see what’s available from the top brands.

Type of Shower Design

Generally, whether you choose an over-bath shower or a separate enclosed shower is a matter of the space available in your bathroom. 

Space-saving over-bath showers are practical even though perhaps not the most attractive option, whereas glass enclosed walk-in showers (usually used in wetrooms) are the most stylish and therefore popular modern choice.

If you don’t have much room available you could perhaps fit in a nifty little prefabricated shower kit enclosure, or a traditional shower cubicle with a base tray.

Port Marine has a team of bathroom design experts who can put together all your wishes and come up with a personalised shower arrangement to suit you and your home, while you sit back and enjoy choosing the aesthetic details.

There’s no need to stress about buying a shower for your bathroom in North East Somerset. Port Marine Bathrooms design and install new showers in Bristol and Bath with finance available. Contact us to find out just how sublime a shower can be!

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