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Mobility Access Bathrooms Bristol

Bathrooms for people with limited mobility

For many people – the elderly and those with physical disabilities or painful conditions like arthritis – using the bathroom can be a stressful affair. Being unable to cope with the many hazards involved in accessing a bath, shower or even the toilet because of fear of falling or limited movement ability is a source of humiliation and can cause despair as a major factor of lost independence.

Being passionate about bathrooms and bathroom design, we at Port Marine have made it our business to specialise in planning and installing bathrooms for those with mobility problems. We are pleased to say that we have become leaders in the market in the Portishead and Bristol area, creating attractive, accessible and above all safe bathrooms to suit the needs of individuals.

Our expert and knowledgeable designers are able to discern a customer’s unique requirements and design a bathroom which could be a life-changer for a mobility-impaired person.

Just because a bathroom is designed for accessibility, doesn’t mean it needs to compromise on style or aesthetic value. Even those with special needs, no matter your age or ability, deserve a dream bathroom – perhaps even more so than most – where you can relax and enjoy the bathroom experience.

When we design your special accessible bathroom we steer clear of the utilitarian “institutional” look and will consult with you about colour schemes, tile styles, and all the other little details that go to make up a stylish space. The practical elements of accessibility support, like handrails and a walk-in shower/bath, will be worked into the theme so your adapted bathroom will be as comfortable, attractive and appealing as any other.

If you share your special access bathroom with other able-bodied family members, they will appreciate its aesthetic allure and functionality as much as you do.

Usually the solution we recommend for customers with limitations in mobility, flexibility or dexterity – even those with impaired vision – is the installation of a wet room.

A wet room – where the entire bathroom is tanked and sealed to make it waterproof and the floor slightly angled to allow for water run-off into a drain – is ideal because it can be designed with a flat surface underfoot, so you can step seamlessly into a shower or walk-in bath with no high-profile edges to negotiate. Along with stylish, strategically placed safety rails, anti-slip tiles and the taps, toilet and sink installed at the right height for easy use, grooming yourself becomes easy and safe.

If wheelchair access to the bathroom is required, we will endeavour to site the sanitary ware to allow for this, and probably recommend installing a wall-mounted “comfort height” toilet with an appropriate easy to use flush mechanism, and a wall-mounted wash basin to save floor space.

If you’d like Port Marine to help you overcome your bathroom barriers, and make your perfect accessible bathroom into an affordable reality, give us a call to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote. You can be confident that your beautiful new bathroom is in safe hands.

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