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Port Marine is not just about beautiful bathrooms. We also provide a full range of domestic electrical services for refurbishments, upgrades and new builds.

Our electrical engineers are Registered Competent Persons, qualified to issue Part P certificates to comply with the Building Regulations requirements for fixed electrical installations in dwellings.

The electrical services we offer for homeowners in the Bristol area include:

HOUSE REWIRES (Part and Full):

If you have a period property that needs its wiring updated, or are planning a major home renovation project, extension or conversion, you will need a partial or full re-wiring to ensure the electrics in the property are safe, up to standard, and can cope with the demands of a busy modern household.

We at Port Marine are experts at handling any size of re-wiring job, both first and second fix, quickly and efficiently and at an affordable price.


As we all know, with an increasing number of electronic appliances and gadgets in use in our homes we just never seem to have enough power points to plug into! This problem is exacerbated by the fact that somehow plug sockets never seem to be in the right place for convenience of use, particularly in older properties.

It’s tempting to festoon your house with multi-plugs and extension leads, but this can be a dangerous practice and a fire hazard.

Port Marine’s electrical engineers can review your socket set-up and move, renew or replace your sockets safely and efficiently, making life just that little bit easier.


With crime on the rise in the Bristol area in the face of police budget cuts, it is essential that householders invest in security measures. One of the most cost-effective deterrents against home invasions is security lights activated by motion detector sensors which can alert the occupants to any movement in their orbit by turning on automatically.

To be fully effective security lighting should be expertly planned and installed. We at Port Marine have extensive experience of installing outdoor security lighting, whether it be LED or halogen lighting.

SECURITY ALARMS (Wireless and Wired):

Being the victim of a burglary is traumatising, and with the Avon & Somerset police having closed their specialist burglary unit in 2014 residents in the area are advised to practice crime prevention to safeguard their homes and possessions.

Port Marine has a specialist team dedicated to fitting, repairing, maintaining and testing both wired and wireless intruder alarms on domestic properties. We can assist you with choosing the right type of alarm system to suit your needs and budget, install it efficiently and make sure you understand how to use it to best effect.


Traditionally CCTV has been used only on commercial or public premises, but increasingly homeowners are choosing to install CCTV cameras and monitoring equipment such as digital video recorders to beef up their home security both indoors and outdoors.

We at Port Marine have in depth knowledge of the different CCTV systems available on the market, wired or wireless versions, and are fully qualified to advise you on the correct make and model of CCTV system for your domestic situation and to suit your budget. We are also conversant with the relevant privacy laws involved in CCTV installation and will make sure your surveillance cameras are legally positioned.


The fuse board is the safety hub of the home as far as electricals go, making sure that all the electrical circuits in the building don’t overload, tripping the switch to safeguard the occupants from electrocution and electrical fires if/when an overload does occur.

Old fuse boards no longer meet industry standards and require upgrading for safety’s sake. If you are concerned that your fuse board may be out of date, Port Marine’s electricians will happily inspect it professionally and advise you whether you need an upgrade. We expertly install and replace fuse boards and carry out repairs to faulty fuse boards.


Whether it’s for convenience or decoration, many homeowners enjoy lighting up their outside space with all sorts of lighting effects and displays, from traditional lamps to contemporary post lights, pond illumination or decking lights.

Because working with electricity outdoors is potentially hazardous, installing lighting outside is a job that must be undertaken by an approved, qualified and competent electrician, such as those on the Port Marine electrical team.

We keep up with the latest garden lighting technology so are able to advise on upgrading and updating your existing lighting, or help you plan out new outdoor lighting installations.


Most homes have detached buildings in their grounds like garages, greenhouses, summer houses and sheds. To be fully utilised most of them require an electrical supply for lighting, heating and the use of power tools.

Any electrical connections from the main house to outbuildings have to meet required standards for safety’s sake, including the depth and position where cables are buried. Earthing and bonding also needs to be of high quality and sockets must be specially protected.

Because of the outdoor environment in which the electrical installation is situated the power supply needs to be connected by a professional electrician like the team at Port Marine.


Electric showers are convenient, efficient and reliable, and require only a cold water supply which is instantly converted into a satisfying, hot shower on demand. It is not surprising that they are the most popular option in the UK for those installing a new shower.

Because installing an electric shower is complicated and involves the potentially deadly combination of water and electricity, it is vital that they are installed by professionals – at the very least you require a Part P certified electrician and plumber such as we have available at Port Marine.


Although night storage heaters have become unfashionable, millions of households around Britain still use them, especially if their electricity consumption is measured on an Economy 7 tariff (cheaper during off-peak hours at night). This method of heating the home and providing hot water is cost-effective if you generally use more than 40% of your electricity at night.

Port Marine supplies, maintains and installs Economy 7 heating systems and electric night storage heaters and hot water tanks, which heat up during the off-peak night hours and store the heat for use during the day.