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Wet Room Fitters

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An Alternative Option

A wet room is a relatively new concept in bathrooms which is particularly suited to a small bathroom or to provide easy access for a disabled person.

A wet room is actually a waterproofed room designed to get wet. It requires the walls and floor to be tanked – that is, waterproofed with a specialised membrane and layers of matting which are then tiled over, right up to the ceiling. The floor is usually designed to slope gently towards a drain.

Because of the tanking required and the engineering necessary to create the right gradient, installing a wet room is a highly specialised job that can only be successfully completed by professionals. We have often been called in to rectify D-I-Y disasters!

We have extensive experience of installing wet rooms of all shapes and sizes in Bristol and beyond. Usually wet rooms are installed as an ensuite, a guest bathroom or second bathroom, because they are small and usually do not include a bath.

Stylish and Functional Options

The layout of a wet room has to be carefully planned, taking into account the placing of towel rails and toilet roll holders, particularly if there is no shower screen to protect these from the spray. The idea of a wet room is to obviate the need for a separate shower cubicle along with a shower tray, but for the sake of practicality many people opt to partially screen off the shower area with a glass partition.

There is no doubt that a stylish wet room with a walk-in shower can add the “wow” factor to your home, as long as it is tastefully and functionally designed. When it comes to designing your wet room there is no limit to the creative options available. You can use all sorts of materials – from ceramics and stone to wood and concrete – as long as they are sealed and made waterproof.

By its very nature a wet room is minimalist in design, and therefore generally lends itself to modern style fittings. A contemporary counter-top basin paired up with a waterfall tap, for example, would suit the ambience of a wet room, along with a wall hung toilet. The options, however, are just about infinite and although we are happy to advise you, ultimately the choice is yours.

Careful Planning and Consideration

Before you make the decision to install a wet room, remember that unlike with a conventional bathroom you will not be able to store things in laundry hampers or cupboard units, because of the wet environment. You can include shelves for your shampoo, soap, etc. It’s wise to build the shelves with a slight gradient to enable water run-off.  It is unsafe to use any electrical appliances, such as heaters, hairdryers or shavers, in the wet room, although you can choose to install underfloor heating as an option.

If you are thinking of installing a wet room in your home, contact us for an appointment to talk through all that is involved, and what your options are. We’ll be pleased to give you a no-obligation quotation for the work.


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