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Take A Virtual Bathroom Tour With Port Marine

Even the biggest and best showroom in the world can’t display your own bespoke bathroom design as it will appear when it is installed in your home.

Yes, in a catalogue or showroom you can see the elements of your new bathroom – the taps, sanitaryware, cabinets, shower enclosure and so on – but wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually see and experience these configured as you want and need them in the space you have available?

In other words, it would be great to be able to “try before you buy” your new bathroom.

Immersive Virtual Reality

This is where Port Marine Bathrooms of Bristol have the edge when it comes to bathroom fitting and design. Right from the start of the consultation process we can actually walk you through your bathroom: let you open doors, turn on taps and immerse yourself in the look and feel of the bathroom and its fittings, from floor to ceiling, deciding what you like and what you want to change.

It’s not magic. It’s all down to a remarkable virtual reality customer buying experience from an award-winning CAD (Computer Aided Design) company called Virtual Worlds.

Port Marine Bathrooms work with Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre software to provide all our customers with the most technologically advanced and futuristic interior design buying aid – the ability to see and experience your new bathroom in immersive virtual reality simulation, before you decide to buy.

Informed Choices

The Port Marine Virtual Worlds 4D professional designers know how to make the most of the software to help customers compare options and make informed choices so that you end up with a realistic simulation of your dream bathroom. Then, once you’re happy with the design, we go ahead and turn the virtual bathroom into a real bathroom – you’ll get exactly what you decided on and it will be exactly as you saw and experienced on the headset of the Virtual Worlds 4D simulation.

Using the Virtual Worlds 4D technology means our customers have total peace of mind throughout the process of designing and fitting a new bathroom. There’ll be no hidden extras, unexpected problems, risk of overlooked details, or end of project regret that something was positioned in the wrong place. With a 4D virtual simulation you can actually test drive your new bathroom as the first step in the process, rather than the last.

4D Bathrooms in Bristol

Port Marine are delighted to be able to offer Virtual Worlds 4D bathroom design in Bristol, Portishead, Weston-Super-Mare and surrounding areas of Somerset. There is no doubt that 4D CAD is revolutionising bathroom design and bathroom fitting in Bristol and across the UK. Forget about struggling to visualise a new bathroom from a flat floor plan, clutch of colour swatches and tile samples – now you can see the room in all its glory, and even reach out and touch the various elements.

If you’d like to be part of this exciting development and have Port Marine Bathrooms put this terrific technology to work for you, contact us today. We have 0% Finance available, which means that Virtual Worlds 4D bathroom design and installation from the specialists at Port Marine Bathrooms is attainable for everyone.

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