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FAQs About Bathrooms

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After the kitchen, your bathroom is probably the most important room in the house when it comes to functionality and good looks. It’s a room guests will see and use, and you will use on a daily basis, so it needs to be stylish, comfortable and practical – easy to clean and well laid out.

You’ll have plenty of questions that need answers when you’re contemplating a bathroom re-design, renovation or brand new bathroom installation in the Bristol area. Our consultants are always happy to answer your queries, but we thought we’d pre-empt some of them by compiling this list of frequently asked questions about bathroom design and fitting, along with our answers:

Indeed, it can! Our bathroom designers have plenty of big ideas and tricks up their sleeves to give the illusion of space, and all the latest sanitaryware, fixtures and fittings at their disposal to make sure your bathroom is well kitted out without being cramped. You can have a corner sink, for example, and a sliding shower door, to save space. Also, the bathroom door can be re-hung to open outwards rather than inwards, and large wall tiles and mirrors used to give the impression of space. We’ll put it all together for you and show you the results on our Computer Aided Design software.

Which is best is an age-old debate, but with today’s rushed lifestyle many think they can do without a bath and just have a quick, convenient shower stall instead. Well, our answer would be – why not have both. Yes, showers are probably a more hygienic and fast way to get clean, but there’s always an occasion where soaking in a relaxing bath will still be welcome. Then, as any estate agent will tell you, a property without a bath will not have as much buyer appeal.

If space is a problem, we’ll try to find a way to fit in both a bath and shower combo – there are power showers to go above baths, for example, or tower showers, and L-shaped shower baths.

This is definitely the most frequently asked question we come across, but it is impossible to give an answer because it depends on so many variables. You could, for instance, just go for a minor bathroom make-over, re-purposing your existing bathroom suite and adding new taps, tiles and other fixtures. Or you could opt for a completely new look, which involves moving the plumbing and splashing out on everything new. Whatever the case you can rest assured we will source the best possible prices for the highest possible quality fixtures and fittings to suit your taste and lifestyle, installed with top quality workmanship. When you’ve chosen your new bathroom elements we’ll be able to give you a no-obligation quotation. There’s no need to worry about cost if you qualify for our low cost (10% deposit, 0% APR representative) finance with affordable monthly payments.

We certainly can. We specialise in making bathrooms accessible right down to the details, like levered taps and slip proof floors. We can design and install a level access shower cubicle, for instance, or a bath that accommodates a lift. Our experts will consult closely with you and/or your carer to define your needs and make the most of your bathroom budget.

Renovating a bathroom will not need planning permission, as long as the work meets building regulations. You’ll most likely not need to apply for planning permission for converting an existing room into a bathroom, but if you are building on an extension or converting a loft for a bathroom, you WILL need planning permission and building regulations approval. There are regulations about things like ventilation, the floor structure and pipework. If you are confused about what the legalities involve, speak to our consultants – we’ll be happy to handle all the permissions for you and you can rest assured that all our bathroom work is compliant with building regulations.

Yes, lighting is extremely important in a bathroom. Besides soft ambient lighting from ceiling lights your bathroom benefits from task lighting and accent lighting carefully positioned for great illumination and enhancing certain features. LED lights with dimmers are also good for reducing energy bills. We have professional, competent electricians on our team to make sure your bathroom lighting is beautiful and safe.

If you need any more information about our bespoke bathroom renovation and fitting services, please contact us to make an enquiry, arrange a no-obligation appointment at your home or in our showroom, and tell us about your bathroom vision.

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